When A Woman Admits That “It is in the nature of women to cheat’’

Men also by nature easily dish it out but they can’t receive the same crap from their women


According to a Nigerian lady, Nkechi Bianze, extra-marital infidelity and cheating has no gender because not men alone but women are also wired naturally to be polygamous in nature.

It has become a common phrase that it’s in the nature of men to engage in extra-marital affairs or that men are born polygamous especially here in Africa and my country Nigeria is no exception.

While most women in a marriage or relationship try to come to terms with this nature of men and try to be faithful to their partners, the men on the other hand see it as normal because they are given a clean license by the society to cheat.

Men are much more likely than women to believe that it is not natural for humans to have only one sexual partner.

In what can be termed as a classic case of reverse psychology, this bold Nigerian lady, Nkechi Bianze, took to her Facebook Page to state why people shouldn’t think only the male folks can engage in extra-marital infidelity but rather that women also have monopoly to cheat on their partners.

While it came like a shock to most who read it, it generated a buzz over the Nigerian social media with so many asking or wondering what kind of woman would encourage others to cheat on their husbands.

As she posted:

‘’Guys need to understand that women are polygamous in nature, most especially Nigerian women. It is in the nature of women to cheat’’.

‘’A recent survey reported that 62% of Nigerian women are unfaithful. That’s to tell you that it’s in the nature of women, most especially Nigerian women to cheat’’.

‘’Cheating or not is at the discretion of the wife’’.

nkechi bianeze
Nkechi Bianze

‘’If as a man you find a woman who doesn’t cheat on you, then you are just lucky. But stop giving yourself unnecessary heartache checking her phones and keeping a prying eye on her’’.

’If your wife cheats on you, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you. A woman can love and respect you but still cheat on you. It just means that she wants to explore.

‘’As long as she still respects you by at least being discreet with her $excapades, and still plays her roles as a wife, I see no reason why you should get worked up over it. I mean, it’s not like the vagina is going to disappear or change in colour and shape’’.

‘’It is stupidity to divorce your wife just because she cheats on you. How many do you want to marry? The next woman might even be worse’’.

‘’And remember that according to the Bible, if you decide to divorce your wife for any reason at all, you are expected to remain celibate for life, or till she dies’’.

‘’I hope God gives our men the wisdom to understand that cheating is NOT enough reason to divorce their wives, or even complain at all’’.

While trying to turn the table around by putting the men on the receiving end, and judging from their reactions on her page, it was glaring that they couldn’t take it. She literally gave up some advice exactly what women are told when confronted with their partner’s extra-marital infidelity.

Truth is, men also by nature easily dish it out but they can’t receive the same crap from their women. The world is evolving and so are the women.

A lady while commenting on the issue had said that, ”Of course women can cheat too. They are polygamous in nature. They just choose not to. I understand the message she is trying to pass across”.

”Yes, I agree. Women are polygamous in nature and same goes for the men. It’s very rare to find someone who is content with his/her spouse.

”We always need that “extra” and yes, it’s our nature! What matters the most is ‘self control’, you see that “extra” you desire but you have courage to tell yourself “no”.

”As a woman, there are men you see and you become weak ‘instantly’ but God has so blessed us that we don’t have a p€nis to stand’, so it’s easier for us to control the feelings”.

”While men and women are polygamous in nature, men are like dogs, they poop in public, people see them. Women on the other hand are like cats, you don’t get to see their shit except for a very few careless ones”.

”Also, women who are openly non-monogamous face considerable social backlash. They risk being branded “$luts” or “tramps” or worse. People blather about “purity” and natter on about how women who like $.€x don’t have “dignity,” so a lot of women learn to keep their mouths shut about what they want”.

According to Jessica Burde:

”I am not monogamous. I am a woman. My first husband was monogamous. He is a man”.

”Many women do not feel safe expressing desire for more than one man for fear of being labelled a $lut or shamed for their sexuality”.

”At last count there are 53 societies around the world that practice polyandry (one woman with multiple husbands)”.

Extra-Marital Infidelity is not a one way thing or only for the men. Married women also have feelings for other men they consider hot at first sight and could also wish to be with these hot guys under the bed-sheets.

Written by Brenda Mobebi

Brenda is a Lifestyle Relationship & Inspirational Blogger.
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