Meet The Queen Bee of Lagos Danfo

It was my first time, stepping out of my comfort zone


I can’t remember which hormones were on autopilot when I screamed “Yes.”

I guess after my endless feat of successful adventures, I thought this was going to be a walk in the park.

Boy! I was wrong. What they were asking for was literally impossible.

“A Danfo conductor Or Conductress” for the whole day? As in… Ketu, Mile12……
Anyways, not ready to let my adventurous self-down, I obliged happily.

I got to the garage bright and early the next day; punctuality is the sole of business, you know.

The first man I met greeted me with a “Sisi, where you dey go?”

How was I to explain to this 5ft 9, dark complexion lanky original Yoruba Man, that I was going to be his “Sidekick” for the day. ☺
Having told him about my One-day mission, which he gladly obliged, I assumed position.

Everyone was about to be dazed, even me.

Talk about facing your worst fears!

I’m sure I made so many people’s morning.

I mean I was calling passengers, looking like this!!!!

My outfit was conservative yet figure flattering, quite the statement piece. 😁 😜 .wp-image-1789826694jpg
I was jittery at the start but I got a hang of it somewhere in the middle.

Did I mention my friends were recording the entire session?

On a scale of Scary to Impossible, I was on Unimaginable.

The First hour, I felt my skin split open from stares and snickers, but I wasn’t giving up easily.

3 hours in, I was literally commanding an audience Martin Luther King Jr. couldn’t compete with.

I had somehow re-defined the term “Conductor”

Passengers were filing in with quite a rush,

I choose to believe that it was the Me-Syndrome; I mean, I did an excellent job plus I looked like Christmas morning.
I was having fun.

I was confident.

I was Bold and beautiful.

I wouldn’t call it a walk in the park. But it definitely was worth every minute.

I guess it didn’t hurt to test strange waters.

I just earned enough bragging rights, made new friends plus I doubt if I would ever have to pay my t-fare at that garage for a long time.

Yeah! What a man can do, I can do better!
Sighs ☺

It was my first time, stepping out of my comfort zone, into a strange territory and I DOMINATED.

I think I made it clear that being a market woman, a hawker, a danfo bus conductor or owning a buka joint is not restricted to the less-privileged, and can certainly be done with poise.

You know, life is too short to risk missing out on the awesome fun stuff you could do in a blink.

It’s alright to be scared and jittery, but in the end when you have accomplished what seemed like a mountain, you will feel so Alive, so Real, so YOU.
Well… This never happened.

But I wish it did.

😁 😁 🙇

Written by Toluleye Odunsi

Toluleye is a blogger at twilight; style enthusiast at dawn, designer at post-dawn and freelance writer at dusk – sometimes vice-versa-vice-vice.
She is enchanted by beauty and is drawn to people and places. Her passion dwells in symphonies, deeply-rooted feelings and novelty.


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