Mamalette Founder Anike Lawal Answers 10 Important Questions You’d Want To Ask About Her Business Growth

Including how much she used to start her business


In a society where women are constantly looking for support groups of other women to address different needs in their lives, Mamalette steps in to fill a very important gap. Launched in late 2013 as a website which provided information and tips to mothers, the site has now grown to hosting live events that connects brands with mothers in a rapidly changing digital environment.

Anike Lawal is the beautiful founder of this platform. After she became a first time mother, she noticed the lack of an online support group for pregnant women and mothers to share their experiences and learn from one another in Nigeria. This spurred the creation of Mamalette.

Armed with a B.Sc in Business Studies and French from Trinity College, Dublin Ireland and an M.Sc. from the London School of Economics, Anike began her professional career at the KMPG Management Consulting unit. Two years later, she moved on to Dealdey Limited and 6 months later, she started Mamalette when she didn’t find fulfillment in her previous jobs. Now, Mamalette is recognised nationwide as the number one online resource for pregnant women and mothers as well as the go-to platform for brands who want to interact with this group of women.

How did she do it? How did she move from the generation of an idea to running a profitable venture? Anike answers 10 important questions about her business growth over the years.

Photo Credit: Mamalette Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Mamalette Facebook Page

1. How did you come about the name ‘Mamalette’?
I was looking for a name that was catchy and spoke to my target audience and Mamalette seemed like the right fit.

2. How much did you invest in the business when you got started?
About a Million Naira.

3. How did you generate these funds?
I raised the funds from my personal savings and the help of family and friends.

4. Have you gotten any funding or grants since then?
Yes. I have gotten funding for my business from the Co-Creation Hub.

5. With so much competition in the online business sphere, how do you ensure Mamalette stands out and your readers come back again and again?
We keep responding to the needs of our users.

6. There are several methods online platforms use to generate traffic. What has been the most effective means of traffic generation for Mamalette?
Word of mouth.

7. There is something quite unique about the Mamalette Facebook Page where lots of personal problems are shared. How did this come about and what kind of impact has it made?
It came about organically. Questions started rolling in soon after we launched and before we knew it it was a bit hit. Our impact has been significant. 50,000 users login everyday to our Facebook page. In this short period of time we have helped our users by providing a platform where their 15,000+ questions related to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting have been answered by others going through similar experiences as they are.

8. This has sort of transitioned into an offline forum – Mamalette Live! Tell us more about this event.
Mamalette Live! provides a safe and welcoming environment for women to make friends, network, ask questions and get solutions. Our series of events Mamalette Live! extends the support and service we provide online into a rich physical experience and includes topics like how to have a healthy pregnancy and childbirth, balancing motherhood and career, financial literacy for wives and mothers, family planning and birth control etc. While we aim to inform and educate our audience, it is also our desire to provide a fun day out for mums.

In November 2015 we had about 500 people in Lagos attend our event with 33 experts and in April 2016 about 400 people in Abuja attended the event with 25 experts.

9. Is Mamalette now considered as a profitable venture?
Yes it is.

10. Would you say you have achieved success in life?
I have barely even scratched the surface.


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