If people treat you like an option, leave them like a choice

You need to put your happiness before anything and anyone else


Relationships aren’t perfect no matter how much you try to perfect it, it never will be perfect.

We all have disagreements sometimes, even the people who you think have the perfect marriage or relationship have struggles, but everyone handles situations differently.

Are you a priority in your partner’s life? Do you ever have to second guess if you’re a priority in his/her life?

No one is perfect but no matter how busy you are there must be even a second out of your day that you can pick up the phone and see how your partner is doing or even just to say I LOVE YOU. Is that so hard to do!! How much energy is it taking you to do just that? Let me answer that for you, none!!

If someone can go hours or a day without talking to you, then that leaves you to think if your important to them. Are they pre-occupied with something or someone else? You should be never too busy to check on your partner.

If you have to always be second guessing if you’re a priority to your partner and wondering if you’re important to them, its time to start doing some thinking and soul searching.

In this life you need to put your happiness before anything and anyone else because if you don’t that’s how you will get used and abused when someone thinks that what they are doing its OK with you. They will never change, so express yourself and say how you feel. If he or she wants to be mad and let their ego get in the way, let them go ahead but at the end of the day never settle for less than what you deserve, because we all deserve to be loved, made a priority and be appreciated whether male or female. We all deserve to be a priority in other people’s lives.

If people are gonna treat you like your an option then, let me tell you – leave them like a choice. Don’t let people walk all over you. Stand firm for what you believe in and get the love that you truly deserve.

Written by Kerona Ledgister

Hi there I am Kerona, I am the blogger behind Ms Sparkle & Glow.

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