I Began 2016 Jobless But Ended It With A Job & A Wife!

It was a turning point year for me


This year 2016 was quite memorable in many ways. One remarkable thing is that a lot of my mates got married last year more than ever before. It wasn’t so long ago that we were leaving secondary school and talking about getting a degree—even though some of us (like me) didn’t get one eventually. This is a shout-out to us that we’re getting old, guys. We better take note!

Terrible start

I started 2016 broke and out of work. I had lost my regular job in late 2015 and was basically trying to scrape a living at the start of the new year. The December before that, I went weeks without electricity in my flat because my kilowatts had finished and I didn’t have money to recharge my meter. My house rent was due in February and I practically had no hope of raising the money. On top of it, I was in an unstable relationship that seemed to be heading nowhere.

It was a terrible way to start the new year, but two events changed the equation for me and marked a turning point in my life. The first one was landing a job with Songhai Advisory and the other one was getting married to my wife Moyin. Interestingly, both events began to take shape in March — the month of my birthday!

Landing the job

In March I got an email from someone I had emailed in January saying I was looking for a job. They’re a foreign-based business advisory firm and one of the managing partners was in the country briefly for some business. He and I arranged to meet over coffee at the Ikeja City Mall that week and, long story short, he put me on a project—and a few months later the firm offered me a job as an analyst.


Getting married

I met my wife in March two weeks after clinching the job deal, and it was a rather interesting day. I had just got a job and was quite excited, so I was going out and meeting girls.

On this particular day I was going to meet a lady Bisi, who was a writer someone introduced to me. We met at one place in Ajah and we had a really good time talking. We obviously liked each other and it looked like we were on to something.

On my way back home, I was sitting by the window in a bus and thinking about how nicely the day had panned out, not knowing it was about to get even better😉 Then this lady gets on the bus and sits in front of me. She was wearing a jumpsuit with a low back, and it quickly got my attention (I know, men are scum). So I got her number and she told me her name is Moyin.

We hung out a couple times after that and things happened fast. Seven months later, we got married and we’ve lived happily ever after.

Cute story, eh?

More gist

Getting married is one of the best decisions I made last year (my wife is amazing), but it was a tough buildup. My parents refused to back my wedding plans thinking I should still chill before settling down. But you see, my parents split up when I was two years old and I never really had a proper family. Maybe that’s why I wanted to start my own family early. I’m 25.

All my life my father was almost never there for me when I needed him, so I was highly pissed that he didn’t see this as a chance to make it up to me. As for my mother, I have forgiven her because she single-handedly raised me and has done more than enough to atone for any wrong thing she does. In the end the wedding happened on October 22nd and it was one of the best days of my life, even more lovely than I envisioned.

It is written, love conquers all things.


Things aren’t anywhere near perfect yet. Sometimes I stay up late thinking about how to take care of my family and pursue my dreams. The economy is so hard these days! Often, when my wife returns from the market she tells me about how food prices are going through the roof. I’ve had to tighten my spending and cut off some luxury, but today I’m in a much better position than I was last year, and I owe it to God who’s been so gracious to me and my family.

I lived last year based on the principle that I could achieve anything I want in life by putting my mind to it and never giving up. I can boldly say that it was a turning point year for me.

Here’s to a great 2017 for us all.

Written by Adedayo Frosh

I'm an analyst with Songhai Advisory and I live in Lagos with my wife Moyin. I love life, and I'm constantly in the pursuit of happiness.


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  1. very amazing story, i wish you and your family continued blessings and a better future to come, continue serving God and making him the center of your relationship

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