How To Start While You Wait

These are great days, when the flickers of dreams are being prepared to pave the way for the flames of success


One of the most difficult places to be in life is to have a dream or idea without access to the resources or opportunities to make it happen. I have been there and it’s not fun at all.

You dream of becoming a world class professional but you don’t have the right experience yet or maybe you find yourself in an environment that is not enabling enough. You want to start a business but you need your 9-5 to survive.

It’s easy to look at the daunting obstacles and lose the will to continue. Or get overwhelmed by our current situations and remain in a state of inertia.

I believe the key to surviving those years of dreaming in a box is to look for ways to experience little bits of your dream.

While you wait for your grand entrance into the public arena of your dream, start with whatever is within reach and take it serious. It might start as a side thing while you wait for other life details to fall in place but know that the hand of the diligent bear rule. (That’s a biblical fancy way of saying you’ll get to the top if you do it right and never stop.) 🙂

Try these:

  1. Learn all you can about the industry of your dream. Talk to people who have experience working in this field. Watch videos. Read biographies. Read books. Surf the internet. Do all you can to stay close to your dream life.
  2. Write a business plan. If you’re dreaming of starting your own business but the time is not right, why not put together a business plan? Dream on paper. Don’t just talk about it to anyone willing to listen, put down your goals in writing. You have a better chance of recognizing opportunities that come your way when your goals are clear.
  3. This is huge. It is pretty much free education. Find a way to connect with someone or an organization in your area of interest and offer your services for free. You will gain a wealth of knowledge.

Most importantly, be consistent. Give it your all. These are great days, when the flickers of dreams are being prepared to pave the way for the flames of success.

If we give up we will never succeed. If we do it half-heartedly we will always be mediocre.

What dreams are you nursing? What steps will you take to move closer to your dream life?

Let’s think together. For real. Contact me if you need a dream friend.

The only way is up!

May all your dreams come true with pomp and splendor!

Written by Remi Roy

I am a writer, author, content developer and communications consultant. I am on a journey of purpose, destiny and the pursuit of excellence. I hope I can inspire you to live life with diligence and intention as you pursue your goals and become all that you were made to be.

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