How I Escaped Death On The Eve Of My Birthday

Today I’m alive and full of potential


I’d love to share a near death experience I had few years ago on the eve of my birthday.

It was on the second day of October, 2010. The day like every other day started with an attitude of thanksgiving and high expectations. It was my birthday eve and as usual I was both excited and anxious praying the clock to tick faster and wishing that the sun go down faster. When I left home for my office, I was full of life and wore a contagious smile all day.

After the close of work which seemed like forever to me, I set out for an evening service in church. I think it was our week of spiritual emphasis and that service was a communion service. I attended and also took part in the communion.

But in the midst of this smile I was wearing, something seemed to be different, some kind of feeling that I couldn’t yet figure out. I knew I was happy but that I couldn’t understand that weird feeling I had. I’m someone who loves celebrating special moments like birthdays and anniversaries. They mean a lot to me but somehow behind the laughter and the anxiety that day, there was this fear of death.

The thought became so strong that the picture was now appearing very beautiful and ideal to me. I began to think that the eve of my birthday should be the best day to die. I began to imagine how sweet and unique it will sound to say she passed away on her birthday eve.

Permit me to say at this point that whatever battle you cannot win in your thoughts, you cannot win physically. As much as I was battling with this devilish thoughts a stronger part of me was not in agreement with that arrangement of death. I was constantly rebuking it and telling myself how I am yet to fulfill destiny and touch lives which is a dream I have carried for long.

I got home from church that evening and met power outage as usual. I greeted my siblings who were relaxing outside obviously because of the heat inside. I went inside with the intention to take a quick shower. I lit a candle to see properly inside the house before joining my siblings outside.

In my room, I had a plastic chair and a plastic reading table on which I placed the candle stand. How I suddenly fell asleep while undressing is something I can’t tell till this day. What I remember is that I suddenly jolted up from my bed by a force I later understood to be the power of God, to see fire everywhere.

This whole thing didn’t take more than five minutes. The candle stand fell on the reading table, burnt the table and the fire spread to the bed which was not so close to the table. The fire began burning the bed and even the pillow I was laying on. Part of my weave was already on fire when I suddenly jerked up. In all of this, my family outside didn’t even know what was happening.

That was how I would have burnt to death on the eve of my birthday. The next Sunday, as shy as I was then, I testified to God’s goodness at the altar in church for the first time.

Today I’m alive, full of life and potential with each year of my life getting better than the previous.

So tell me guys, have you had a near death experience that you would like to share? Please hit the comment section let’s connect.

Written by Gloria Okaiman

I'm a shy Nigerian who believes that a candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle. I love to write when I'm both happy and sad because I see writing as a way of expressing myself. Feel free to connect with me let's mingle.


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  1. Awwwwh thanks guys didn’t know i was here. Yeah the thoughts that goes on in our mind greatly determines how the event of our lives unfold.

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