At What Point Should Couples Draw The Line In Sharing ‘Everything’?

Including toothbrushes…


I recently attended a bridal shower where married ladies were invited to share a word or two with the bride-to-be and out of everyone that spoke, someone’s ideology and practice stood out for me.

She explained how it is very important to truly become one with your partner and explained more by citing practical examples of how she and her husband of 10years have been doing that.

She mentioned that there are certain things that they share right from the first year of marriage and no matter where they travel, what the person Is going through or the marriage is facing at any point in time, they continue to share these things.

1. They share the same bed
2. They share the same towel
3. They eat from the same plate
4. They share the same wrapper/duvet
5. They have a joint account
6. They have their bath time together
7. … They practically share everything

She, however, said that they only do not share toothbrushes (reasons best known)… But have had to share each other’s toothbrush at some point in time in the course of their marriage.

Nevertheless, I find this very strange, yet deep. I still don’t know how it makes me feel.

And, just like me, people were astonished and most (married and not) started explaining how it is absolutely unnecessary and/or irritating…

I just didn’t know what to think of it.

While I know that doing all of these things together will help each partner to mentally absorb the ‘oneness’ ideology, I can’t help but also think if it is going overboard.

I mean, why do we have to share every damn thing in the house and the world? Or maybe why shouldn’t we?

Written by Queen F. Queen

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