‘Ask Your Pharmacist’ With Adaku: Winning The Battle Against Acne

All hope is not lost as acne can be managed and kept at bay


Acne aka Pimples is a topic which is very common in today’s world. When we were younger, we were taught in Integrated Science class that acne starts during the onset of puberty. I could still remember my teacher telling us about this.

The topic for that day was Puberty. My male teacher wore a pair of white trousers or pants -depending on which part of the globe you reside. I can still remember and visualize what happened on that day. He talked about the journey of puberty. I can still recall the boys in the class laughing when he mentioned – deep voice, hairs under the armpit and so on. The boys began to talk as though they were testing the microphone-perhaps to check if their voices were getting deeper. And of course he talked about the onset of menstruation, and everyone was quiet as though a spirit was passing through the block. Like we used to say in those days, you could hear a needle drop in the class.

Then he went on to talk about Acne – Pimples. Of course a good number of my peers had acne, including me, I was meant to understand my acne would disappear maybe when I get to 20, 25 or even 30 years.

But this was not so. As I grew older, I did have occasional acne at some point in the cycle due to hormonal changes. This acne even followed me to my wedding day but thanks to MAC foundation, concealer and studio fix powder was able to ‘conceal’ it for my great day.

I am almost hitting the ‘golden age’ and I still do see acne appearing every now and then. I even heard some ladies in their 50’s and 60’s do have acne. Evidence has shown acne does not only occur during the puberty stage, it could start at puberty but definitely may continue till a later stage in life.

All hope is not lost as acne can be managed and kept at bay. My three golden rules for managing acne, especially for the older lady is – WASH+CLEANSE+MOISTURIZE. What matters most is the content of the products that we use, how we use them and the duration.

Acne can be well controlled if we follow the correct advice from a healthcare professional. There are so many products out there which have all sorts of claims which are not true.

At some point if we truly want to manage our acne, we need to seek professional help so speak to your pharmacist or visit your doctor. There are medical products which could be bought over the counter as well as prescription only medicines that could be prescribed by your pharmacist or doctor.

Written by Adaku Efuribe

Adaku Efuribe is a Clinical Pharmacist/Independent prescriber based in the United Kingdom. Adaku continues to advocate for health promotion, healthy lifestyles and self care. She currently presents brief video updates on health matters-‘Ask Your Pharmacist’ With Adaku .

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