7 Essential Things That Men Find Attractive About A Woman

Real men share the endearing quirks and qualities they’ve grown to love.


A killer body and a pretty face might get a man’s attention, but it’s a woman’s less obvious attributes—the ones others might entirely miss—that often are the most important. There are a lot of things that men find appealing in women but, it’s only natural that there are some things about women that men find even more attractive.

Here, real men share the endearing quirks and qualities of their girlfriends, fiancees, wives (and exes) that they’ve grown to love.

A cheerful woman – Bayo, Lagos

Nothing turns a man off more than a depressed and mean attitude. If you want to get that extra attention make sure you look cheerful because a flirty giggle and a cheerful attitude can quickly melt any man’s heart. I agree that it’s not always easy to have such an attitude but if you can think about the happier side of life, all the time, this will happen naturally. It’s the same for you isn’t it? Would you date a guy that hates his life and is genuinely miserable? Probably not, so think about this next time you start feeling and looking depressed.

Takes Care of Herself – Ali, Dubai

As obvious as this may seem, there are a lot of women who have no idea this is important to men. We understand this is highly time consuming and females may usually wonder if it´s actually worth it. Well it is.

I love how a woman will even be thinking about what she is going to wear days before any event. I know how much effort you women put into yourself and we appreciate it and enjoy it. We may not know exactly what you’re doing, we notice, (even when we act like we don’t).

Yes, we men are attracted by looks. But do not worry because this doesn’t mean you have to undergo plastic surgery.

A Pleasant Scent – James, Abuja

To the surprise of many, attraction actually begins with scent…yes, scent. As much as men are visual, they also have a weakness for appealing aromas. It has been previously found, that men´s testosterone levels actually increase in response to a woman´s natural smell when they are most fertile, and not because of a particular perfume.

Is not Needy – Aliyu, Jos

Men like to feel needed, in fact that is one of the most explicit ways men feel they are loved. However, when women begin to require their men for every worldly task they can imagine, it is then and there, when a man begins to feel exhausted and slowly starts to step away.

Understated Confidence – Faisal, Dubai

When confidence is conveyed in a subtle way, it’s always more sexy. Women find confidence attractive in men, well not surprisingly, men also find it attractive in women. The way they carry themselves, how they speak, and how they deal with adversity are all aspects of a woman´s swagger.

Show us some skin – Demola, Abuja

A little bit of extra skin turns our heads in an instant. Too much skin is a cry for attention and men know it but if you play it subtle, it will work a lot better. A shirt or a tee that ends just right around where your jeans start or a perfectly fitting top with a wider neck that shows a bit but yet needs a bit of craning to get a peep is just the perfect combination. We love those nearly-there peeks and it drives us crazy.

Appreciates my help – Kanayo, PortHarcourt

Truly helping a woman out makes me feel awesome. When I can give her a ride across the campus or move something heavy for her and when she is genuinely grateful for my help. Some women refuse help when offered and that makes me sad, hey, most of us don’t want anything in return. So, when a woman asks, or graciously accepts help, it’s sexy because we both get to feel good.

Written by Adeola Adeyemo

Adeola Adeyemo is the founder and managing editor of WriteItLoud.com

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