6 Ways I Proved Independence Was My Thing

I hated when a parent would take a decision for me


Happy New Year everyone! We made it to 2017.

In honour of the brand new year, I’ll like to share with you a few tricks on how I proved to my parents that I didn’t need them so much – my mom especially. I had to start acting like an adult really early (at the age of 14) because for some annoying reason I hated when a parent would take a decision for me and expect me to be grateful for it irrespective of whether I wanted it or not.

My first step into independence began on a day when my parents had left I and my younger brother at home and at 9pm they hadn’t come back! We were so hungry that I entered the kitchen and cooked rice and stew. I had never cooked anything besides noodles before then so imagine two confused kids asking each other “Are we supposed to put salt now?” “Anniedora should I turn the rice?” “Yes turn it.” Till today I don’t know how we pulled it off but we did and my mum commended me so much. She said I did well for my first try. I was so happy, what hunger can do to you, no other can do! This happened sometime around my 13th birthday.

My second leap into the independence pool was when I started to make beads and sell them for money! I did this mainly because I wanted to get myself a birthday gift for my 13th birthday. You see, one of the struggles of #GrowingUpInNigeria is that you won’t always get a birthday gift or a birthday party. So, I sold my beads I had five thousand naira which seemed like a million naira to me at the time!


The third time was when I decided I would complete my three years of Senior Secondary education in Holy Child College. Okay let me let you all in on this bad habit I have; when I feel uncomfortable in a place, I tend to panic and run. Which is what I did for three years in Junior Secondary School. I went to three different schools in my junior years. My mom knew I was beginning to get that feeling and tried to change my school after SS1 but I told her I would be fine.

My fourth leap was going out with some friends after our extension classes. I remember when I would come home late after lying that there had been traffic and my mom would give me that ‘Its not me you’re doing but yourself’ stare. But she started to realize that I was getting older and would be off to the University soon.


My fifth step to independence was getting a job at a bakery as one of the customer care personnel. This was a big role for me at 17. This job was so much fun, it definitely helped me come out of my shell because we had to sweet talk our way into making people buy cakes. I got so good at selling dessert cakes, they were the yummy ones!

My sixth was getting another job at a radio station and having the opportunity to meet so many celebrities and even ask them questions!

So yeah, for now these are the few things I’ve done to prove to not only my parents but to myself that I can take responsibility for myself. I’m still growing and learning a lot and although I love the security of having someone else be responsible for me, I have to take charge of my self at some point.

What were some of your defining independent moments? Please share with me.

Written by Anniedora Etiobi

Hello Lone Rangers! I'm Annie Dora, a young woman on a journey to self love. I aim to inspire and empower others to be better through my writings! I love discovering new things/places/food. In love with anything Italian. Join me on my blog www.lemonadesociety.blogspot.com

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