6 Things Your New Job Will Do To You

Lovers, take note of number 4


You have gotten a new job in the face of sweeping changes nationwide. You didn’t just get a jobless job, the type that you use to fill up idle time but a real job – one which you can plan a life on. I should congratulate you, six happy cheers to you!!! 🍻

But hey, hold up there!

In the height of your ecstasy have you been able to spare any thought concerning the challenges that your new lifestyle will bring your way? You don’t care? Alright.

Here are 6 things your new job will do to you:

1. Your commitment to your personal life will suffer

You will begin to feel as if you have no other life other than to be up and doing in your job. As good as that is for your career you’ll find out sooner that leaving out other aspects of your life unattended just to give your job a 100% is a recipe for mental disaster. A wise thing you can do is to learn to leave office work in the office and resume your normal life as soon as you get home.

2. Your twenty four hours will become too short

While you weren’t working it was as though. time sat on a cane chair at a beach in the company of extended daylight. You will sleep and sleep, chat and chat, play game and listen to music and time will still be 10am. The reverse will be the case now. You’ll find yourself wondering too often where time always go to. Here’s my little advice, get all the time management tools you can and learn again how to maximise your time.

3. Your spiritual life will be seriously threatened

Having a job, especially one that eats up your time is one thing that proofs the depths of your intimacy with God. How do you create time to study your bible when the time isn’t even enough for you to do the job you’re being paid for, how do you maintain your prayer life, how do you maintain fellowship with the Spirit, how do you participate in the church workforce when your only free day is Saturday and you always spend it catching up with everything lost during the week…You need grace and personal discipline more than ever before if your faith must survive the hassle of corporate life.

4. Your relationship will be affected

Apart from your friends and family your romantic relationship will be at stake due to reduced level of intimacy. There will be jealousy and feelings of insecurity. If not properly managed this could lead to break up especially if one of the spouse is not working. Understanding is crucial here. Greater effort must be put into sustaining communication between you both. Send hand written notes, send a message from your heart, send memes, always catch up on loss time whenever there is opportunity for that. The fire of love must not be allowed to die.

5. You’ll miss your days of idleness

Work will so have its toll on you that you will sometimes wish you have all your time to yourself just like in your days of idleness. That wish won’t be granted except you decide to resist, amen?
You will be wise to carry on with this way because it is a dress rehearsal for your future as a husband (father) or wife (mother).

6. It will expose your weakness to you

Your first weeks in your job will reveal to you inadequacies you might not have known you have. You will be wise to consider and improve yourself in the areas of identified weaknesses before stepping into marriage.

What other hidden challenges do you think come with a new job? Share with me in the comments.


Written by Caleb Imhangbe

A graduate of mechanical engineering currently teaching Physics in a secondary school.
Writing poems, articles and stories about love, life, human struggles, Christian faith, nature, excellence and of course capturing beautiful scenes make me feel most alive; they are my little way of contributing to the world.


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  1. After reading this, I need to go give my sister Ruthie a hug.. especially as she’s even doing mainland to Island.
    God dey.
    #ForThisJobWePrayedFor…it shall not become a curse

  2. Thanks for reading Frances. Settling into a new job is very stressful.
    Only focus discipline and hard work can help keep the job and everything else that mean so much to us

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