5 Problems Of A Plus Size Lady

Can we be allowed to feel sexy and pretty

plus size lady

I am neither tall nor short, but I’m definitely fat. So, I have decided to share the problems of a Fat Girl. I did not just wake up one morning fat, I have been fat from birth.

For the sake of the fact that it is 21st century, I will call Fat –Plus Size. Here are things I have experienced as a plus size lady;

1. People Call You Names Like Orobo, Fatty, Big Mama
Growing up people have called me different names. Very honestly being called annoying names can affect a person’s self-confidence, I am a victim of this. “Orobo” is a name I’m used to already, I don’t get hurt by these things anymore, I have grown up and if you still feel calling me or any plus size person names gives you pleasure, have fun then.

2. Beautiful Dresses Rarely Come In Your Size
This is the most annoying for me. I still do not understand why stores, online shops rarely have our sizes. Are we not humans? This has led me to my love for shoes and bags , they will never fail in terms of sizes.

3. People Assume You Eat a Lot
My friends think I’m weird because there are quite a lot of things I do not eat, like chocolates, bugger, pizza etc and I do not switch consumable brands. When I tell people this the next question is “HOW ARE YOU NOW FAT”. Not everyone is fat as a result of food, some are hereditary.

4. Annoying Jokes
I get this from people every time, jokes about being fat, over weight. A friend told me once that “getting annoyed over a joke will make you sad while the other person enjoys the moment” this actually helps me.
Last Sunday at a meeting someone made a comment that had to do with me and my weight and I laughed along sides everyone at his joke, he felt stupid and asked me why I laughed and I responded “you cracked a joke”.

5. You Can’t Wear Anything And Everything
If people see a plus size lady in a bikini they begin to insult her “WHY?” Why can slim people wear bikini, leggings, miniskirts and plus size people cannot? Although I admit that there are somethings that do not fit us but can we be allowed to feel sexy and pretty for at least five minutes without criticism?

Written by Damie Alabi

Damie Alabi is that chick with a killer smile. A blogger that shares her personal style, writes about life, blogging tips, lifestyle and lots more. She hopes to inspire, help and motivate people one post at a time her blog. She is also a co-founder and producer of one random podcast, a podcast that discusses topics that youths are scared to openly admit to.
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