4 Tips To Help You Cut Down On Unhealthy Drinks

Every liquid you take counts


Water is good for the health, I’m sure you all know that, everyone knows that so I’m not going to start writing a whole leaflet on the indications and side effects of water but water has saved lives and it is very important that you are drinking about 2 litres in a day. Truth is, every liquid you take counts but it is important that you take water to boost your health, keep you hydrated – (hair, skin, nails, lips) and helps prevent indigestion, improves your ease of bowel movement and could promote weight-loss.

Have you noticed that if you drink more water, you tend to feel full and would rather settle for less food when you take in lots of water? When you take in more water instead of food, you tend to burn more calories instead of eating more to gain them back. Besides, they are typically the only non-fattening thing around that have more positive than negative side effects.

Yea, it’s not magic 🙂

Here are 4 tips that will help you cut down on unhealthy drinking habits.

1. Smoothie: Smoothies serve as the best breakfast recipe and ever since I began making this myself, I’ve found myself craving less soda and unhealthy drinks. The thing is, if you have a sweet-tooth like me, it might be hard to cut down on sugary drinks but because you would like to live long, smoothies are healthy and keep you going all day. It also serves as a good source of protein after your work-out routine in the mornings.

Because smoothies are great for every kind of human being, team sweet-tooth and what not, you can choose to make them in the most convenient ways possible. If you’re scared of veggies and don’t like all those green-yucky stuff called spinach or broccoli or just green, just add them and mask the taste with strawberries, bananas or yoghurt. And you have your perfect breakfast ready.

Here’s what I put in mine: Kiwi, spinach, grapes, strawberries, yoghurt, apples and tangerine. Make sure you put a little juice before blending to give you a smooth paste. Blend, blend, blend and this fills you and keeps you energized till noon when your stomach wants lunch.

2. Create your water mix: During my internship, one of my colleagues noticed I didn’t enjoy drinking water and suggested something interesting. If you’re not attracted to drinking water and you’re finding it hard to build this new habit, try squeezing/slicing some oranges/cucumber the way I do sometimes into my bottle. By doing this, you’re adding the natural orange flavor into your water and it’s ‘attractive’ tasty and healthy to drink.

You’re nourishing yourself and ensuring you would rather stick to a natural source rather than go back craving soda and unhealthy drinks that will keep storing up sugar in your body. Some add a few caps of Ribena into the water. If it will help you drink more water, I think you should try it.

3.Get an app: There’s this app I used to have on my android phone before it got bad. You set a reminder and a target for how much water you need to drink in a day. I remember doing this for a while and I felt better for days and refreshed. Just have it at the back of your mind you might have to visit the loo often.

4.Get a big bottle, fill it and determine to finish it: If you have an empty bottle at home such as a bottle of 1L of coke or juice, wash it and fill it, having it at the back of your mind that you need to finish the water content in the bottle. This will help you cut back on the number of soda you take in. Soon you can go to the cinemas and request for water because your body system is beginning to prefer water above other drinks or beverages. When you drink more water, you tend to have less space for food and other kinds of drinks.

I hope these tips have helped.

Truth is, you need to be determined and these tips only serve as an encouragement or boost to assist you in your journey of living healthy and growing strong. Water is very essential. When you care for your body, your body is happy, healthy and you get to enjoy your youth and age gracefully with less ailments to worry about.

Written by Itunu Taiwo

Itunu is a modern day girl with Christ fashioned values. Blogger, Pharmacist, Writer and Friend. She's also on social media and you can connect with her on Twitter @glowingscenes
and Instagram @i_tuune

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